David Foster Wallace on Commercial Literature and the Dread of Reading


  1. Lou · July 18, 2010

    Thanks for this.


  2. Double Darkness · July 18, 2010

    He says there maybe 1M readers that actually work to understand his effort.

    7 million Americans can’t read or write a thing, another 27 million cant fill out a job application, 30 million cant read a simple sentence. One third of Americans never read another book after graduating from high school, neither do 42 % of college graduates.

    Battling depression and a tsunami of media induced stupidity; it is a surprise that he lasted as long as he did.


  3. Matthew Graybosch · July 18, 2010

    I don’t think Mr. Wallace realizes that the public schools are designed to encourage people to hate books and dread reading as a form of drudgery akin to cleaning toilets with a toothbrush.


  4. Longlunch · July 18, 2010

    Double Darkness –> 1 dude who apparently aced Hyperbolic Stats 1101.


  5. Double Darkness · July 18, 2010

    LongLunch —- Actually I audited the Hyperbolic class and aced Stochastic Signals & Analysis.


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