Cormac McCarthy’s Bloody Mary and Other Author Cocktails

At HTML, chief mixologist Jimmy Chen has concocted a satirical round of writer cocktails. Here’s “Cormac McCarthy’s Bloody Mary” (which calls for something called a “salary stick” — not sure what that is, but we suggest a celery stalk if you can’t find one)–

This is fun-mean–

And this is just mean-mean–



  1. Joel · November 2, 2010

    if these were half as funny as they think they are, there wouldn’t be any commas in the cormac mccarthy recipe.


    • Biblioklept · November 2, 2010

      And it would be in untranslated Spanish (spanish) and some how include the phrase “And they rode on.”


    • Leah Raeder · November 2, 2010

      Oh, zing, sir.


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