“The Ego Is the Enemy of Imagination” — David Milch on Writing

by Biblioklept
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6 Responses to ““The Ego Is the Enemy of Imagination” — David Milch on Writing”

  1. David Milch: Motivational Speaker

  2. Thanks toi rat thich clip video nay, ben minh lam ve linh vuc du lich moi cac ban ghe tham nhe

  3. “… The ego is the enemy of the imagination. Anything that you think about writing when you’re not writing, is a product of the ego and is absolutely wrong. One hundred percent, all the time, wrong. And if take a step back and think how much time you spend trying to purify yourself in order to get ready to write, that’s like 95% of the time. And the reason for that is the ego has a stake in perpetuating the behavior that you’ve already engaged in. We do not think our way to right action; we act our way to right thinking.

    So what I do is I start writing. If I think about my writing before I start to write, what I’m really doing is justifying not writing, because … I’m not writing. … I’m going to find a way to keep not writing. So what I say is I don’t have the idea yet; it’s not fully realized yet… Not only that: I don’t have pencils; my pencils are not sharpened; I don’t have the right notebook. … Whoa! Eleven-forty five already. Time for lunch.

    … When you think about exercising, what you invariably say to yourself is, ‘You know, I’m too fat. What’s the point? I’m too old; I’m too fat; I’m too old; I’m too slow; I’m too this; I’m too that…’ And all you’re doing is justifying the fact that you’re not exercising.”

    – David Milch


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