Barry Hannah’s Hey Jack! (Book Acquired, 3.23.2012; Or, Gee, Isn’t It Kinda Sad That This Ex-Library Book Was Checked Out Only Twice in 24 Years?)


I bought Barry Hannah’s seventh book Hey Jack! over the internet after my favorite local bookstore told me it would be difficult or expensive for them to order. I bought a first edition hardback brokered by Amazon. It was an ex-library copy. It looks like no one ever read it, and it seems to have been checked out only twice in twenty-four years. A sad business.

I put some wear and tear on it today, reading it outside on my porch during a thunderstorm, using it as a beer coaster at one point, and then taking it into a salted bath where it got damp and curly. I read half of it. Hannah’s novel-in-vignettes is still ahead of its time. Who writes better sentences? (“Christ, the South has been pickled in the juice of its own image”).


One comment

  1. ccllyyddee · March 24, 2012

    Pickled, it is.


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