The Canterbury Tales — Pier Paolo Pasolini (Entire Film with Subtitles)


  1. ccllyyddee · April 28, 2012

    ‘Canterbury’ is a funny movie. Very effectively true to the period. You can almost smell the stench of the Medieval life, hog slop and night jars. Most of Pasolini’s actors are amateurs cast on location. Pasolini was also a poet.


  2. danyulengelke · April 28, 2012

    Everyone raves about ‘Arabian Nights’ being the best from the trilogy, but I think it’s his weakest. Though I have trouble choosing between ‘Canterbury’ and ‘The Decameron’. Ironically enough, Vivarelli’s knock-off ‘The Black Decameron’ was more popular than Pasolini’s.


  3. David · April 28, 2012

    Thanks for the movie, I enjoyed it immensely.


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