John Searle Talks About Wittgenstein (BBC, 1987)

by Biblioklept

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2 Comments to “John Searle Talks About Wittgenstein (BBC, 1987)”

  1. I am going to have to save this. It will be a long one. One I really want to listen to.

  2. ‘I detect odeur du bull,’ I said. “I see’, said Wittgenstein, picking up a hammer and smashing a hollow porcelain statue of Descartes. ‘Whack this one’, I said, placing a stone rendering of Abraham in front of him. Smash! ‘Let’s go for a walk’. We meandered past people sitting still staring into space. ‘Is the root of cognition dark matter?’, I asked. ‘Add some gluons and you have a human, a few higgs boson and a demiurge’s ego?’ ‘Possible’, said the genius. I then proceeded to tell him my postulation that the unified field of knowledge can be obtained by examining works of the Brahmanic lineage, including the cousins Tao, Zen, Tantra. We discussed the illusion of the existence of an inner and an outer.

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