Slavoj Žižek Riffs on Marxism, The Avengers, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil; Suggests Orwell is Too Optimistic; Admits He Doesn’t Watch Half of the Films He Critiques; Advocates a Canadian Conquest of the U.S.

(Full interview audio here).


  1. ccllyyddee · July 23, 2012

    As the Christian Scientist in Hell said, ‘it’s not hot and I’m not here’. Climate warming? It’s not hot and I’m not here. Besides, every body would be better off if they let me tell them what to do. Don’t worry – it’s all in God’s plan.


    • ccllyyddee · July 23, 2012

      The above comment was about myself. It must be disheartening to watch history cycling back around on itself in the most boring manner. Well, as the I Ching says, the high priests will roll up their sleeves and assume the role of policeman because the people are doing as they damned well please instead of heeding their rules of behavior. No wonder the wing nuts consider Mr. Zizek such a threat. Or as Margaret Cho said, ‘Spongebob Squarepants is not gay – he’s a sponge, and besides, she’s a transsexual.’


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