Book Shelves #38, 9.16.2012

by Biblioklept


Book shelves series #38, thirty-eighth Sunday of 2012

The final entry on this corner piece.

What have these volumes in common? They are all aesthetically pleasing.

They are all too tall to fit elsewhere comfortably.

Several issues of McSweeney’s, some art books, and some graphic novels:


I’ve already expressed my strong enthusiasm for Charles Burns’s X’ed Out. The Acme Library pictured is part of Chris Ware’s series, and is beautiful and claustrophobic.

McSweeney’s #28 comprises eight little hardbacked fables that arrange into two “puzzle” covers:




I’ve also written enthusiastically about Max Ernst’s surreal graphic novel, Une Semaine de Bonte:



America’s Great Adventure is this wonderful book that pairs American writing (poems, songs, excerpts from novels and journals) with American paintings to tell a version of American history:




It probably deserves its own review. Short review: It’s a wonderful book if you can find it.

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3 Comments to “Book Shelves #38, 9.16.2012”

  1. I suppose that some day you will auction your volumes and move to the south of France to make boutique cheese and write. Be sure to send us a postcard.

  2. Unrelated, but I spotted these mock vintage Dr Who covers that I thought you might enjoy them:

  3. I cut up Semaine de Bonte and made…collages out of it…or should I say meta-collages? It felt good. I felt Earnst’s approval as i destroyed his book in the same way he destroyed the books he used to make his art.

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