11 thoughts on “Books I’ve Read All or Most of in the Past Eight Months and Failed to Write About

  1. 1. I read most of Browne’s Urn Burial in line waiting to vote in Florida.
    2. I drafted a post about rereading Bartleby with Melville House’s “digital illuminations.” I will return to the draft. Promise.
    3. Apocalypse.
    4. I can’t review the Ben Marcus. (Don’t know how).
    5. I may write about The Loser on here. I have about 40 more pages. I switched to reading it on the Kindle.
    6. I got sidetracked and didn’t finish At Swim-Two-Birds.
    7. I read the first part of Sebald’s After Nature, about Matthias Gruenwald and his friend (lover?). Lovely.
    8. I drafted a post about Max Apple and DFW and then decided my comments weren’t worth finishing.
    9. I had every good intention of reviewing Lars Iyer’s Dogma, which I read on the beach last spring, back to back with Michel Houellebecq’s The Map & The Territory, which I also neglected to write on.
    10. I will write on Walser, maybe, some day, or not.
    11. I wrote about Markson’s The Last Novel, and I think I would just repeat that review, and add suicides for Reader’s Block.
    12. Zizek’s Lacan: What to say?
    13. I liked Phi and will try to muster a review.
    14. Still reading Hughes’s Goya. In a bedside pile that’s being cleared out (with this lot). It will remain.


  2. Don’t get the whole Lars Iyer thing. Tried to read both Spurious and Dogma, and I have no idea what people are so jazzed about. Just got done reading Thirlwell’s The Delighted States. Awesome.


    1. I liked Delighted States. I think Iyer is reviving a kind of late modernism that the Brits seem to be into these days. A sort of anti-postmodernism stance (which is, in my reading, a postmodern move).


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