Rhinoceros — Ulisse Aldrovandi

by Biblioklept


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7 Comments to “Rhinoceros — Ulisse Aldrovandi”

  1. This is spectacular. Going directly into my pictures-of-rhinos folder. Thank you.

  2. Thanks. My debt to you keeps mounting.

  3. Reblogged this on danielkester66 and commented:

  4. For some reason, this reminds me of this scene, from “Midnight in Paris”:

  5. Did you ever read Lawrence Norfolk? *Lemprierre’s Dictionary* I really dug (though I’m told I read the American version with is different from the British, or something) and read *Pope’s Rhinoceros* (and thought OK but not nearly *L’s D*) which had a version of your rhinoceros on the cover.

  6. Also, feel the need to clarify: Aldrovandi’s is a color copy of Durer’s famous engraving:


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