Pier Paolo Pasolini / Alvaro Mutis (Books Acquired, 12.21.20212)

by Biblioklept


The edition I had of Mutis’s Maqroll only holds the first three novellas, so I ordered the NYRB seven-story volume. It’s like 700 pages and very attractive.

I also found this collection of Pier Paolo Pasolini short stories.

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3 Comments to “Pier Paolo Pasolini / Alvaro Mutis (Books Acquired, 12.21.20212)”

  1. Interested to hear your thoughts on Pasolini’s literature. I’m quite the fan of his novel ‘The Ragazzi’.

    Also, is this collection translated by Billy Weaver?

    • John Shepley translates—the stories are culled from what the blurb says is a 500 page collection of miscellany, which I’m not sure is in print or not. I don’t know when I’ll get to it—I saw it used and just kinda grabbed.

  2. Will be hunting down that Pasolini. Never even knew he had short stories. Doesn’t appear to be readily available.

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