7 thoughts on “The Rapture — A Ladybird Easy-Reading Book for Children with Special Educational Needs

  1. Interesting that “children with special educational needs” require their own book about the rapture. I have so many questions about even the cover . . . I had best just let this drift upward.


      1. I get the fake part now (which is funny), but you know so much about the book cover is so sort of . . . as you say something other than parody – you do have a way with words!

        I enjoy your blog very much – you are an artist of klept, and with biblios, and of commentary! Always a delightful experience to find one of your pearls!


  2. WOW I want to live in Scarfolk!

    …but, you know, with the right kind of mind, ANY town can be Scarfolk.

    (apologies for the long silence, ed. more words soon.)


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