5 thoughts on “Rococo Borg vs The Association of Modernist Architects — Mattias Adolfsson

  1. I saw this guy’s stuff recently on i09 and liked it but forgot to check it out more than the images they shared, so thanks for putting this up. It was a nice reminder to go look deeper at him and it is worth it. Something about the it reminds me of Brendan Graham, probably my favorite comic book artist/writer right now. If you don’t know him, he has a wonderful collection King City, and a new series Multiple Warheads, which I think is just stronger, more mature (he still desperately loves all sorts of puns, including visual ones, but they aren’t 75% sex-related anymore), but I first came to him on a series he is just writing (though he drew one issue) and it is way different, and the best Sci-Fi I have come to, in any medium, in a long time, and for sure the best contemporary.


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