Warhol and Hitchcock

by Biblioklept


Andy interviews Alfred.

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6 Comments to “Warhol and Hitchcock”

  1. Republicou isso em CulináriaCultura&Históriae comentado:
    Esta imagem além de épica é uma imagem que nos faz lembrar dos melhores filmes de suspenses que foram criados por um mestre do suspense.

  2. Two of the most talented and amazing men in the same picture! This is a picture that will live forever!!

  3. this is transcontinental studies, right here. :) Thanks so much for posting this beautiful and important photo!

  4. that is quite an image! it completely threw me seeing those two together, both amazing men in very different ways…

  5. Hitch amused and smiling is a great sight.

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