Warhol and Hitchcock


Andy interviews Alfred.


  1. marcherm · June 1, 2013

    The Art Of Confession.


  2. hhannarrre · June 1, 2013

    Republicou isso em CulináriaCultura&Históriae comentado:
    Esta imagem além de épica é uma imagem que nos faz lembrar dos melhores filmes de suspenses que foram criados por um mestre do suspense.


  3. averyrussell2011 · June 1, 2013

    Two of the most talented and amazing men in the same picture! This is a picture that will live forever!!


  4. v1r7u4l_4m3r1k4 · June 1, 2013

    this is transcontinental studies, right here. :) Thanks so much for posting this beautiful and important photo!


  5. owls house london. · June 1, 2013

    that is quite an image! it completely threw me seeing those two together, both amazing men in very different ways…


  6. tomchicago01 · June 1, 2013

    Hitch amused and smiling is a great sight.


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