1. Jacob Siefring (@jsief) · July 9, 2013

    Other nouvelle vague cinéaste Chris Marker (died this year? last year?) involved on this crew as well as Resnais, I believe. My blog post at Bibliomanic on this film’s here: http://bibliomanic.com/a-resnais-library-documentary/


  2. Hereticlitus · July 9, 2013

    Just watched Chat’s Perchés by Chris Marker and am in desperate search of more after hints and name drops in a bunch of my recent reading. This can be my second introduction to Resnais, the first being insults from the Situationists.


  3. LP Steve · July 9, 2013

    I liked the “Chris and Magic Marker” credit.


  4. exitotter · July 9, 2013

    Great feature on the ‘Essay’ film available in the BFI’s very own Sight & Sound August 2013 edition. A nice piece from Chris Darke on Toute la memoire du monde.


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