Goldilocks Lineup (Charles Addams)



  1. gigi2006 · July 10, 2013

    Besides the whitefication of the children, it’s inevitable remenber what Africa does to them!


    • randomkhaos · July 10, 2013

      I think those are the Three Bearen (plural of bear) and little girls in a lineup, one of which is Goldilocks, a little Anglo-Saxon girl. What is whitefication? How does Africa enter the picture?


      • Biblioklept · July 10, 2013

        I’m pretty sure that comment is just spam, Clyde…but I like its weirdness.


        • randomkhaos · July 10, 2013

          OK, I added the thingy bob because I forgot to click ‘Notify me…’. Is it spam or ?. I guess I would have participated because I was trying to get a dialog going. I really like the irony of the cartoon. Is gonzalezdj’s contribs. spam, or does he/she/it just like seeing their handle on each page. It is annoying because I have to open a separate page, only to find out ‘…nothing is revealed…’ Apologies for messing with your respondents.


  2. gonzalezdj · July 10, 2013

    Very interesting.


  3. randomkhaos · July 10, 2013


    • exitotter · July 10, 2013

      The patience of Buddha. The tenacity of Bartleby.
      You shall know him/her/it by gonzalezdj

      No harm meant!


      • randomkhaos · July 10, 2013

        You shall know the Buddha by his words. No harm meant, neither. Him/her/it, it’s best to be all-inclusive in today’s gender confusions. Pity the poor person who has no assignable ‘race’. I hope they have enough sense to live in Hawaii or Hong Kong.


  4. aaron · July 10, 2013

    Useful details. Hope to notice more excellent posts in the future.


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