I had no idea Luis Buñuel directed the 1954 film adaptation of Robinson Crusoe

…the weird thing is that I actually saw this as a kid. A few years later I saw Belle du jour (thanks to my uncle!) and then of course Un chien andalou and L’age d’or in college…


  1. David Arrate · November 6, 2013

    His first film in color, as well as in English!


  2. T. Tex Edwards · November 6, 2013

    Reblogged this on you & me against the world.


  3. randomkhaos · November 6, 2013

    Gracias por esto.


  4. danyulengelke · November 6, 2013


    Have you seen ‘El’? A rare but seriously goodie from Bunuel. Furthermore, which do you prefer: ‘Andalou’ or ‘L’age d’Or’?

    As always, great upload.


    • Biblioklept · November 6, 2013

      Haven’t seen El, but I see it’s on YT (though not w/ subtitles..)…
      I prefer L’Age d’Or—I think it’s really funny. I remember laughing all through it, while my classmates were bored.


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