Watch Wes Anderson’s New Short Film, Castello Cavalcanti


  1. CTRL-ALT · November 13, 2013

    I love Wes Anderson. Hyper-artificial cinema for a hyper-artificial culture. So fake it’s real. Makes all the other Sub-Malickians striving for naturalism look out of touch with reality. The old pastoral world is gone. It ain’t ever coming back. You can film someone gliding their hand over a field of wheat all you like, doesn’t make a difference.


    • Biblioklept · November 13, 2013

      I’ve been working on a Big Essay about his mannered naturalism for some time. I think it’s the least remarked upon aspect of his work—that so much of it thematically engages with the “natural” world. For me the signal moment is the end of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, where the animals overtake the grocery store, eat food products, substitutions of real foods under the artificial lights—and dance.


  2. CTRL-ALT · November 13, 2013

    His camera moves are becoming so schematic that they look programmed. His characters are starting to resemble automatons. Some people might see this as a deficiency. I don’t. When all is said and done Wes Anderson might end up being THE paradigmatic American director. He is so controlled that he makes Kubrick look like Cassavetes. I think it’s apropros that as America’s grip on the world starts to loosen our most distinctive filmmaker has a grip like a vise.


  3. STEINBERG DESIGN STUDIO · November 13, 2013

    Reblogged this on S T E I N B E R G design studio.


  4. randomkhaos · November 13, 2013

    What a trippy piece. If they ever make a film about Felinni he should direct it. Waxen sleekness. Glowing.


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