“Did the harebell loose her girdle” — Emily Dickinson

by Biblioklept


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2 Comments to ““Did the harebell loose her girdle” — Emily Dickinson”

  1. No. This one won’t do. It fails the basic test for a poem of compressed wit. The conclusion doesn’t make sense. A ‘moated earl’? An Eden might be surrounded by a moat, but earls rarely. Most earls were and are unmoated, and none the worse for that. Miss Dickinson must have been in a hurry with this one, seduced by an easy rhyme.

  2. “This won’t do”? Thomas Wentworth Higginson, is that you? I don’t think so, or else you’d never call Emily Dickinson (the MASTER of the discordant slant-rhyme) (I mean, the undisputed MASTER) “seduced by an easy rhyme.” Well for that matter, I don’t know that many people in this day and age who would refer to her as “Miss Dickinson.”

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