Queen Katherine’s Dream — Henry Fuseli


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  1. nina luz · January 8

    deeply ignorantly, I ask: Biblioklept, what is the painting cropped-5033451545_897eaf56d6_b.jpg…? It is something I suddenly feel I need to see… :-)


    • Biblioklept · January 8

      I’m confused—is the painting not displaying for you?


      • nina luz · January 8

        No! Not this one! :-) It’s one of the paintings you used in your scrolling header banner – something like a fawn-lookalike upper body riding a dragon… It was just there as I visited this post, and I… I hang my head in shame, but this one of your cropped header pictures I’ve been unable to identify, though it leaves me with the bitter after taste that I should, should know it.
        Furthermore, it is a fact that the impossibility to get makes an object all the more desirable – often obsessively so: I’m trying to preclude that, for my own sake. :-D


        • Biblioklept · January 8

          I think this one:


          I can’t remember who did it or where it’s from — could just be something I snagged from a tumblr years ago. Sorry!


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