1. Tonya R. Moore · January 25

    This is an amazing reminder to not take myself too seriously and let whimsy take the reins when writing sometimes. It’s also quite beautiful…


  2. Alastair Savage · January 25

    That is amazing. The poem is much more basic than the version that made the final book. In fact, the final version only keeps the clever form of the tail. Martin Gardner also does a pastiche of this poem in his book The Annotated Alice: http://alastairsavage.wordpress.com/2013/08/21/the-annotated-alice/


  3. Isabelle Ostrich · January 25

    I have two postcards of two pages from this manuscript, amazing writing and illustrations!


  4. Writewireless · January 25

    What was he on?


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  6. niclacalegari · January 25

    L’ha ribloggato su CalliopeArte.


  7. zwong25 · January 25

    Reblogged this on Words to Inspire.


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