Valentine’s Day Wishes from Thomas Bernhard

by Biblioklept







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3 Comments to “Valentine’s Day Wishes from Thomas Bernhard”

  1. 1. All of the quotes are from Bernhard’s first novel Frost.
    2. All of the quotes come from Bernhard’s characters—that is, these aren’t Bernhard’s direct quotes, but the language of his characters.
    3. Yes, this is a dumb joke. But I like dumb jokes.

    • This is a dumb joke that has had me laughing in that way that concerns roommates for about 10 minutes. I moved on from that to the “who the heck can I send this to who will appreciate it?” mood.

  2. thought this was really funny

    really wanna read ‘frost’ now

    “every object i see hurts me” lol

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