Godard vs. Truffaut

William Burroughs and Andy Warhol eat rabbit, discuss chicken-fried steak; Nico sings a bit

Zorn’s Lemma — Hollis Frampton

John Huston directs Under the Volcano

Film Poster for The Warriors — Tomer Hanuka


Strange to Meet You (Coffee and Cigarettes)

Colonel Walter E. Kurtz’s bedside reading


From Apocalypse Now (1979); dir. Francis Ford Coppola with cinematography by Vittorio Storaro.

Watch Harry Nilsson and Ringo Starr in Son of Dracula (or don’t, it’s pretty terrible)

Red White and Blue Velvet


A still from the opening of David Lynch’s film Blue Velvet. Frederick Elmes was the film’s cinematographer.

Phil Spector talks about “Be My Baby,” Scorsese’s Mean Streets, Brian Wilson, etc.

Pasolini’s Decameron