Guillermo del Toro on Watership Down

A girl discovers the whole world in a leaf in Angela Steffen’s animated short film Lebensader

The Headless Horseman — Ub Iwerks

Watch The Return, A Psychedelic Sci-Fi Short Film by Vladimir Tarassov

Fetiche on Honeymoon — Wladyslaw Starewicz

“Home Run” — Steven Millhauser

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Skeleton Frolic — Ub Iwerks

Fantastic Planet (Full Film)

Trailer and Posters for Hayao Miyazaki’s Next Film, The Wind Rises


I don’t know how I missed this—the teaser came out a few weeks ago—but a new Miyazaki is always promising. The Wind Rises is out in Japan in two weeks, out in the rest of the world, who knows when…but I’ve never minded watching his films sans subtitles or dubbing. Read more about The Wind Rises here; read my review of Ponyo, the last Studio Ghibli film that Miyazaki directed.



Tale of Tales — Yuriy Norshteyn

Dick Whittington’s Cat — Ub Iwerks

Watch Kashtanka, A 1952 Animated Adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Short Story

Fox And Rabbit — Yuri Norstein (Short Animated Film)

Watch The Little Island, Richard Williams’s Animated Treatise on Truth, Beauty, and Good

An Animated Christmas Card from Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak’s animated intro for the 1977 film Simple Gifts was based on an earlier design for a Christmas card  by the artist:

(Image and info via the very cool Michael Sporn Animation blog, with a hat tip to Jescie for sending me the link).