Santa Claus — Kurt Schwitters




Entr’acte — René Clair (Score by Erik Satie)


Dadaville — Max Ernst


Santa Claus — Kurt Schwitters

Light-Space Modulator — Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

From The Getty:

Also called Light Prop for an Electric Stage, this kinetic sculpture that László Moholy-Nagy designed and photographed was intended to create light displays for theater, dance, or other performance spaces. With its gleaming glass and metal surfaces of mobile perforated disks, a rotating glass spiral, and a sliding ball, the Light-Space Modulator created the effect of photograms in motion. As photographed here, the geometric complexity of the design and the shapes created by shadows and light convey the dynamic possibilities of both machine and camera.


“One Hour’s Sleep—–Three Dreams” — Alfred Stieglitz

From the first issue of 291; via the mighty Ubuweb.