Mulholland Drive film posters by Kevin Tong


Red White and Blue Velvet


A still from the opening of David Lynch’s film Blue Velvet. Frederick Elmes was the film’s cinematographer.

Shortcut (Mulholland Drive)

I’ll see you again in 25 years

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David Lynch To Bring Back Twin Peaks


After hinting a few days ago that he might be reviving his cult classic Twin Peaks—

—David Lynch dropped this:

David Lynch and Mark Frost will return to writing, producing, and directing new episodes of Twin Peaks, which will run on Showtime. The new season of Twin Peaks will take place 25 years after the end of season 2. So maybe we’ll finally get to see what happened with Agent Cooper and BOB and the Black Lodge…


“All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music”

David Lynch Interviewed by Mike Figgis

“It’s like you’ve entered into a dream” (David Lynch behind the scenes of Inland Empire)

“It’s so easy to think of something that would be upsetting to people.”


(I reviewed it seven years ago).

Paul Willoughby’s Twin Peaks Postcards

willoughby-audrey willoughby-donna willoughby-jocelyn willoughby-laura

From the Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition.

Dune Poster — Kilian Eng

dune eng