Dazzling/Clever — Norton Juster


From The Dot and the Line, 1963, by Norton Juster. More/via The Visual Telling of Stories.

Cool color signature covers


Cool article from Wired (yeah it’s a few years old now but hey) about artist Jaz Parkinson, who indexed the references to colors in various novels and created visual signatures of them. From the article

 Jaz Parkinson, an art student from England, was curious about how the written imagery in the work would translate into color, so she decided to chart the color signatures of some of her favorite books.

Using the color-related data pulled from novels, Parkinson visualized how famous books would look if you could only read them through a visual signature. “I think the charts are beautiful and informative, which is a very special mix of the subjective and the objective,” she says. “They reveal a new dataset which hasn’t been associated with the book before.”
book-The-Little-Prince book-Revelation

2001: A Space Odyssey Posters by Kilian Eng


Peter & The Wolf — Siggi Eggertsson


Some Lettering Fonts by J. Howard Cromwell (1887)

From A System of Easy Lettering by J. Howard  Cromwell (1887):

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Dan McPharlin’s Miniatures

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From Beating — Tommi Musturi


Splintering — Atelier Olschinsky

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Skyship (Fortune Magazine Cover) — Antonio Petruccelli


Pixel City II 03 — Atelier Olschinsky


RIP H.R. Giger


RIP H.R. Giger, 1940-2014

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