Pinks and Clematis in a Crystal Vase — Edouard Manet

Portrait of Zacharie Astruc — Edouard Manet

Boy Blowing Bubbles — Edouard Manet

On the Beach — Edouard Manet

Swallows — Edouard Manet

Portrait of Emile Zola — Edouard Manet

Tarring the Boat — Edouard Manet

Flowers in a Crystal Vase — Edouard Manet

The Ham — Edouard Manet

Monet in his Studio Boat — Edouard Manet

A Good Glass of Beer — Edouard Manet


Interior at Arcachon — Edouard Manet

Railway — Edouard Manet

Young Woman with a Book — Edouard Manet

The Reading — Edouard Manet