The Physician — Gerrit Dou

Self-Portrait — Gerrit Dou

The Hermit — Gerrit Dou

Violin Player — Gerrit Dou

The Painter in his Workshop — Gerrit Dou

A Hermit Praying — Gerrit Dou

Still Life with Hourglass, Pencase and Print — Gerrit Dou

Burgomaster Hasselaar and His Wife — Gerrit Dou

Still Life with Candle — Gerrit Dou

The Teacher — Gerrit Dou

The Night School — Gerrit Dou

The Bible Lesson, or Anne and Tobias — Gerrit Dou

Self Portrait — Gerrit Dou

Old Woman Praying — Gerrit Dou

The Extraction of Tooth — Gerrit Dou

Still Life with Book and Purse — Gerrit Dou

The Physician — Gerrit Dou


Still Life with Globe, Lute, and Books — Gerrit Dou


Old Woman Reading — Gerrit Dou