Run for Your Life, Charlie Brown


Run for Your Life, Charlie Brown by Dennis Davies.

Suburban Terror — Casey Weldon


The Great He-Goat (Witches’ Sabbath) — Goya

The Blood on Satan’s Claw (Full Film)

Mischief Night — Jamie Wyeth

Werewolf — Andre Masson

To Repel Ghosts — Jean-Michel Basquiat

Warm Halloween — Jamie Wyeth

Ghostly Gourds — Norman Rockwell

Halloween Mixtape

Halloween Links

I suggest Count Dracula plays an uncredited cameo in Roberto Bolaño’s novel 2666

Seven horror stories masquerading in other genres

Death (and life) masks.

You can’t do better than From Hell (Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell)

Seven more horror stories masquerading in other genres

Roberto Bolaño’s powers of horror (I read 2666 through a Kristevan lens)

Jonathan Littell’s The Kindly Ones: lurid, horrific, abject

Bolaño’s werewolves

28 Weeks Later is a good film, but it hates children

I hated Justin Cronin’s The Passage, which I suppose counts as a horror novel

Yoko Ogawa’s novel Hotel Iris is subtle, Lynchian horror

David Lynch’s film INLAND EMPIRE is subtle Lynchian horror

Playing online bingo games: Horrific?

Bedknobs and Broomsticks: not scary but who cares

Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God is scary, obscene, etc.

What I liked about that Zodiac movie (spoiler: everyone in the comments section tells me I’m wrong!)