“Hotel Blue” (Live) — Jim O’Rourke

So hologramic, oh my TVC one five

Sound and Vision

“Strange Victory, Strange Defeat” (Live) — Silver Jews

“Crosseyed and Painless” (Live in 1980) — Talking Heads

Beach House, Live at the Interface in 2010

43 Minutes of This Heat Playing Live in 1980

“Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun” — Arthur Russell

“Age of Consent” (Live at BBC Radio 1 in 1984) — New Order

“ESP” (Live) — Matmos Covers The Buzzcocks

“Amazona” (Live) — Roxy Music

“Winter Now” (Live) — Broadcast

Galaxie 500 Playing “Tugboat” Under a Basketball Hoop in 1989

“Climax” (Usher Cover) — Dirty Projectors


“They’re called Hüsker Dü. Why are they on our show?”

“Imitation Train Whistle/Steel Guitar Rag” — John Fahey (Live in 1981)

Like Not Even Two Minutes of Neu! Playing Live in 1974