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March 25, 2014

Flannery O’Connor Sitting Under Her Self-Portrait

by Biblioklept


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November 1, 2013

The Self-Portraits of Nine Authors

by Biblioklept


May 26, 2013

Self Portrait — Gerrit Dou

by Biblioklept

November 19, 2012

Self Portrait — Moebius

by Biblioklept

June 1, 2012

Flannery O’Connor’s Self-Portrait

by Biblioklept


May 19, 2012

William Gaddis’s Self-Portrait

by Biblioklept

May 14, 2012

Margaret Atwood’s Self-Portrait

by Biblioklept

April 29, 2012

Self-Portrait — Ben Marcus

by Biblioklept


March 1, 2012

Inner Sweetness (Leonard Cohen Self-Portrait)

by Biblioklept


April 29, 2010

William T. Vollman’s Self-portrait

by Biblioklept

April 19, 2010

Cormac McCarthy’s Self-portrait

by Biblioklept

From Burt Britton’s collection of self-portraits, um, Self-portrait. McSweeney’s 34 has taken the work as inspiration. See a full gallery here, including portraits from Jorge Luis Borges, Maurice Sendak, and Margaret Atwood, among others. This goofy Cormac McCarthy self-portrait is priceless, especially from a guy famous for images of trees hanging with dead babies.

April 19, 2010

Jonathan Lethem’s Self-portrait

by Biblioklept

From McSweeney’s 34, out now.


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