Los Entering the Grave — William Blake

Illustration to Milton’s On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity — William Blake

The Wood of the Self-Murderers: The Harpies and the Suicides — William Blake

“Holy Thursday” — William Blake

The Youthful Poet’s Dream — William Blake

The Nativity — William Blake

Illustration to Paradise Lost — William Blake

Night Startled by the Lark — William Blake

“…a face worthy of a murderer” (From Hell)

A page from Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s outstanding graphic novel From Hell, an encyclopedic account of the Jack the Ripper murders. In this scene, our evil protagonist Dr. Gull undergoes a transcendent experience, and appears to William Blake, inspiring The Ghost of a Flea

Blake’s The Head of the Ghost of a Flea

I pulled the image of From Hell from this fantastic detailed review by Miguel at St. Orberose (far better than my own my own meager tackle at writing about the book). Plenty more images there, along with a comprehensive analysis of (what I take to be) Moore’s best work.

Melancholy — William Blake

A Sunshine Holiday — William Blake

The Harlot and the Giant — William Blake

Study for Portrait II (after the Life Mask of William Blake) — Francis Bacon

blake bacon

Minotaur — William Blake

The Goblin — William Blake

Perfections of a Fool (Blake)


I want! I want! — William Blake

I want blake

“Pity would be no more / If we did not make somebody Poor”

The Nativity — William Blake