David Foster Wallace Reads “A Radically Condensed History of Postindustrial Life”

The audiobook of Brief Interviews with Hideous Men came out almost a year after its author, David Foster Wallace killed himself, which kinda sorta makes it strange to hear his voice read some of these tales. Here’s Wallace reading “A Radically Condensed History of Postindustrial Life,” a short short short story. As far as audiobooks goes, this collection is fantastic. There’s a great cast here, and the actors, including Bobby Canavale, Will Forte, Christopher Meloni, John Krasinski (who adapted the book into a film which I’ve, despite having had a pirate copy for several months, been too afraid to watch) intuit Wallace’s work and communicate its humor, pathos, and subtlety. The biggest treat though is hearing Wallace’s voice again.

3 thoughts on “David Foster Wallace Reads “A Radically Condensed History of Postindustrial Life””

  1. I didn’t realise there was an audio-book version, or that Will Forte (!) reads part(s)?

    I (also) have an illegally-wrought copy of the film, and kinda skimmed through it—it really isn’t that great.


    1. The audio-book is really good, actually. Will Forte reads one of the shortest sections of the book…just a few lines. I’m still not sure if I want to even watch the movie (mine is illegally-wrought as well…)


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