This Is Not a Review of Lars Iyer’s Exodus

Exodus with Trash and Sticks
Exodus with Stream
Exodus with Abandoned Kmart
Exodus with Empty Patriotic Chairs Facing Little League Baseball Game
Exodus with Empty Lot with Litter
Exodus with Canadian Geese and Retention Pond
Exodus with No Trespassing Sign
Exodus with Stray Shopping Cart Behind Dumpster
Exodus with Immobile Mobile Home
Exodus with Boat
Exodus with Cacti
Exodus with Clapboard Church

1 thought on “This Is Not a Review of Lars Iyer’s Exodus”

  1. Okay—
    So I went to get new tires for my trusty 2005 Subaru. I brought along Lars Iyer’s novel Exodus to read while I waited, but the clerk told me that it would take more like 2 and half hrs and not the hour I anticipated. My wife couldn’t get me right away, so I started walking home—about five miles or so.
    The day was lovely, but the area of town wasn’t exactly the kind of place I’d normally elect to walk. Still, we tend to see the world differently when we walk—especially in a city like mine, bound to driving—so I enjoyed the experience. The part of town I walked through seemed to have a higher than usual number of abandoned shopping carts, bail bond places, and empty lots. But it was not without its own beauty.


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