Boris Vian Plays “The Sheik of Araby”

7 thoughts on “Boris Vian Plays “The Sheik of Araby””

    1. I do not understand where on the page you get ‘supposed to be American’ from. What does that mean? Apparently they are French musicians. His wiki indicates he was an interesting, mysterious character. No mention of his being in the resistance during WWII. No mention that he was a cooperator either. Got me. Jazz has been one of Europe’s great musical traditions. It is alive and well there today. One could make a grand tour of Eastern and Western Europe flitting from one jam to another based on who is playing where.


      1. Reported to be his last words, chortle. Comment was a bit ‘out there’ nothing to do with the vid onscreen. I was pleasantly impressed to learn a bit about him.


        1. This is a bit adrift of biblioklept’s fine blog, but thanks to you my morning has been lost. After playing Sheik, I spied Poor Butterfly. Went on to Red Nichol’s version, then Sonny Rollins’s. Decided to play a playlist of his music, so that I could get up from my desk and do something practical like roasting okra. I am tempted to take my boombox down to the Suwannee, still as black as the River Styx in full flood to serenade the fauna and spirits. Mockingbirds are specially fond of my musical choices. Not much chance to see a ghostly boatload of Mayan priests headed upstream into the Okeefenokee to celebrate rites in honor of the Daughters of the Sun since the current is so swiftly flowing into the Gulf. BTW, Red Nichols does a mean version of Battle Hymn of the Republic.


          1. ref Red Nichols and his Battle Hymn of the Republic; it was during The Spanish Civil war whilst on tour raising money to fight Franco he met his famous European pick-up band,’His Five Pennies’, back in the ‘good ole USA’ his Commie hatin’ The Five Dimes said ‘he can go to Hell if he thinks we’re going to Spain with him!’
            Much hilarity ensued, Battle Hymn being taken to be a satirical take on the ‘Boys back Home’.


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