Family Home from Vacation — Norman Rockwell

4 thoughts on “Family Home from Vacation — Norman Rockwell”

  1. I am so glad that you post Norman Rockwell’s works. I remember when he was considered passé and the ‘cognoscenti’ would snot and sneer. If our culture survives its current liberal dissipation and conservative decay, which has been ongoing since (Eisenhower?), the remaining Rockwell’s will fetch their fair share of adulation. The musical and artistic renaissance that is going on now would do well to publish some of these on their album covers before such things disappear from the home. Like many of your recent blogs (while on vacation?), there is a simplicity in the story being told. Rococo belongs to the winter in a coffee table book lying around in a minimalist household. ‘Modern art’ can be saved for future generations to trash like so many chamber pots were. In the meantime I want a Jackson Pollock for my humble abode’s wall. Or a Norman Rockwell.


  2. Thoughtful rant, randomhaos. Would appreciate your take on “the hidden Rockwell” discussed in my latest book, “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Other People in Norman Rockwell’s America.” You can read the blurbs on and reviews of the book on GoodReads and Amazon. Happy to send you a complimentary ebook file if you would like. Just contact me through my website.


    1. Well, I rant now and then but no one pays any attention much except to be slightly amused. I am old and worn out and in the way, and the wisdom gained through my years falls upon deaf ears. I think that most of the art worth endowing to future generations is found in commercial art, such as Rockwell, R&R album covers. Concert and movie posters. If you read the ‘serious’ artists’ descriptions of their works in Britain, they seem to be required to have a social dialectic component built in. Never fear Putin, Big British Nanny New World is hovering nearby. Democracy will be turned into which color scheme one votes for. A lot of contemporary art, such as NPR’s choices in contemporary artists to play, reminds me of an early scene in Felinni’s Satyricon, where there is an androgyne ‘boy’ strumming a few discordant chords on stage, and for an audience thrill, some poor homeless person’s arm is chopped off. I guess that out of the mould of the old springs the blossoms of the new. Thank you very much for your kind offer for an ebook file. I live in a remote area and do not have lots of spare cash. I do not buy books except from the sale table at the county library or when I make a trip into ‘civilization’ to see what new wonders and horrors man has wrought.


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