“There is a river of girls and women in our streets” (Donald Barthelme)

THERE is a river of girls and women in our streets. There are so many that the cars are forced to use the sidewalks. The women walk in the street proper, the part where, in other cities, trucks and bicycles are found. They stand in windows too unbuckling their shirts, so that we will not be displeased. I admire them for that. We have voted again and again, and I think they like that, that we vote so much. We voted to try the river in the next town. They have a girl-river there they don’t use much. We slipped into the felucca carrying our baggage in long canvas tubes tied, in the middle, with straps. The girls groaned under the additional weight. Then Hubert pushed off and Bill began to beat time for the rowers. We wondered if Snow White would be happy, alone there. But if she wasn’t, we couldn’t do anything about it. Men try to please their mistresses when they, men, are not busy in the countinghouse, or drinking healths, or having the blade of a new dagger chased with gold. In the village we walked around the well where the girls were dipping their trousers. The zippers were rusting. “Ha ha,” the girls said, “we could tear this down in a minute, this well.” It is difficult to defeat that notion, the one the village girls hold, that the boy who trembles by the wall, against the stones, will be Pope someday. He is not even hungry; his family is not even poor.

From Donald Barthelme’s novel Snow White.


1 thought on ““There is a river of girls and women in our streets” (Donald Barthelme)”

  1. I just started reading Pynchon’s Crying of Lot 49 along with an excellent reference guide by J. Kerry Grant. In reading it, Grant references Barthelme’s Snow White a few times and I was just looking it up yesterday since I’ve never read it. Funny to see this excerpt here today… like there’s something in the air.


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