Three Books


The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin. First edition mass market paperback from Ace Books, 1969. The marvelous Klimtish cover is by Leo & Diane Dillon. I wrote about the novel here.


The Order of the Day by Marcio Souza. English translation by Thomas Colchie. First edition mass market trade paperback by Bard/Avon, 1986. No illustrator credited.


Neuromancer by William Gibson. 1988 mass market trade paperback by Ace Books. Cover art by Richard Berry. A friend foisted this on me; I never gave it back, which was wrong. I don’t think I can overstate how important this book (and the following two in the so-called “Sprawl Trilogy”) were to me in the late nineties. In fact, Gibson was one of the first things I wrote about on this blog. (Don’t click on that link; the early days of this blog were Bad).

4 thoughts on “Three Books”

  1. I don’t knew nothing this brazilian writer, Márcio Souza…….good? The words in the cover don’t courege me…….hahhaehaeha……..Do you know a new tale writer? I wanna read one but I don’t find nothing…… Noll, Irvine Welsh…….


    1. I think his most famous book is The Emperor of the Amazon. The New York Times featured it 30+ years ago when it came out in English:

      THE EMPEROR OF THE AMAZON, by Marcio Souza. (Avon/Bard, $2.95.)

      The Brazilian writer Marcio Souza published his first and acclaimed novel, ”The Emperor of the Amazon,” in 1977. It is written as the memoirs of Luiz Galvez, an inconsequential journalist of 1899, who becomes involved with a Bolivian diplomat, an English scientist, an American agent, a Brazilian colonel, a French operatic troupe, a Salvation Army band, a poet, a nun and a scheme to convert an Amazon rubber plantation into an empire. Though this was Avon’s 23d title by a Latin American writer, it was the first they published as an original translation.


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