No better (Peanuts)

Duck — Renée French

Merry Christmas to All (Peanuts)

To escape the insidious commercial excesses of Christmas (Glen Baxter)


“Nodding” — Tom Clark

JG Ballard Bingo

The way it goes (Peanuts)

“One day is there of the series / Termed Thanksgiving day” — Emily Dickinson


Quelques Books: More of My Favorite SF Novels and Films — Moebius

Hell talkt my brain awake (“Dream Song #30,” John Berryman)


I’d Harass God | Emily Dickinson

“The Pharaohs Sacrifice Themselves before Her” — Tom Clark

“Wild Flowers” — Gertrude Stein

“On the Playing Fields” — Tom Clark

Believe in me (Peanuts)

“The Suspect” — Tom Clark

Encounter at sea (George Herriman’s Krazy Kat)