Remember to Spay and Neuter Your Pets


The last episode of Bob Barker’s 35 year run as host of The Price is Right airs twice today on CBS–once at 11:00am (i.e. right now) and once more at 8:00pm. Like many of you, I’m sure, I spent many a “sick day” at home delighting in silly contestants in ridiculous homemade T-shirts spin wheels and flip numbers, all under Mr. Barker’s encouraging guidance.

The show will continue, but a new host has not yet been announced. Isn’t this a mistake? Shouldn’t they just cancel the show? I just don’t see the throwback sets and campy feel of Price working without Bob Barker. But who can say for sure.

Possible replacement hosts for The Price is Right:

Ryan Seacrest

Michael “Heckuva job, Brownie” Brown

Candace Bergen

Mel “Sugartits” Gibson

Any other candidates?



Okay. We just watched Bob Barker’s finale and here’s what happened (again–spoiler warning! Quit reading if you plan to watch this on your Tivo or whatever!).

It turned out that the whole thing was just a dream–and in a clever kind of po-mo twist, the whole series actually took place in a snow-globe. Also, Bob killed Laura Palmer. Sort of. The last shot is kind of ambiguous–it just blacks out on Bob while that kick-ass Journey song is blaring. Mysterious.

3 thoughts on “Remember to Spay and Neuter Your Pets”

  1. I didn’t realize Bob Barker was orange.

    How did Steve Perry of Journey say it? “Don’t stop—”

    I’m just glad they didn’t end The Sopranos with “Any Way You Want It” because that song is reserved for the fairway dance sequence in Caddyshack

    “So what? So let’s dance!”


  2. My shortlist for The Price is Right replacement hosts:

    0. Wayne Brady
    1. Christopher Walken
    2. Michael Rapaport
    3. Penelope Cruz
    4. Mickey Rourke
    5. Ricky Gervais

    Obviously most of these folks wouldn’t do a daytime game show, but how awesome would it be to have Walken or Gervais mixing with the contestants and faking excitement over a Broyhill bed frame?


  3. It would be so awesome, Damon. Great list. I’m sure Mickey Rourke would do it to (and get fired for drunkenly punching someone). Wayne Brady seems like a sensible replacement choice. And “Superboy” Rapaport needs to do something to redeem his faded awesomeness after that terrible sitcom on Fox (I can’t remember the name and it isn’t worth googling).


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