David Fincher and Christopher Nolan Talk About Terrence Malick

6 thoughts on “David Fincher and Christopher Nolan Talk About Terrence Malick”

  1. Have you seen Tree of Life yet? I just saw it yesterday and feel like I need to go in again. I was only a little surprised to find that it’s even more abstracted and disjointed (in a wonderful way) than his other stuff, but rather stunned to find the odd little interstitial unreal shots (don’t want to say more if you haven’t seen…). Even more than Thin Red Line, it’s also obvious just how much was cut. I’m very tempted to say I want to see more, to see the whole stories that seem to have been dropped, but I like the oddness of the lack, especially since he’s willing to focus on what remains of the lack (I’m thinking of the scenes with police and the scenes with the badly burned boy); however, I do wish there was more to the contemporary aspects of the film.


      1. I look forward to it. I’ve enjoyed the Malick build-up and since seeing it yesterday have been itching for a chat with anyone who’s seen it. I think I may get my second viewing in this weekend too.

        PS. I’m amused that you live in a big small town, my home base is a tiny city.


        1. I live in a big city with a small town mentality. I mean, we have an NFL team and we’re maybe the biggest incorporated city in the US, but there’s only one theater playing Tree.


  2. I really dug this film. I agree with PT that I want more, be it some kind of extended cut on blue ray, or this “The Voyage Of Time” doc, that’s supposed to be a companion piece to Tree. The film just seems to wash over you with excellent cinematography, by Emmanuel Lubezki who worked on The New World, and one of my favorite films of the last 10 years Children Of Men. There are so many shots in the film almost a week later a new one will pop in my brain and remind me of what an excellent viewing experience it was. I keep going back to 2001 A Space Odyssey, in its size, scope, and spectacle. It feels huge, and important with enough love and care to feel that it is genuine. I happen to live in a suburb of Buffalo, NY, where its playing at two theaters, now going on 3 weeks. I’m glad I had the chance to see it, and, like PT, I’m thinking of seeing it again.

    We all know this has been a controversial film. I’m not sure if my theater had any walk outs, since i was up towards the front. I did catch this conversation behind me, about and hour in:

    Young Woman: “what is this? why did we see this?”
    Young Man: “Sometimes you have to take chance, go out on a limb. sorry.”


    1. So I finally saw it last night and can’t get it out of my brain. Just beautiful. I cried quite a bit. That whole part after the creation-of-the-world bit, that bit where the kids grow up—I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything that so beautifully evoked the power of memory. It’s like a second life or something.

      And, for the record: three walk outs, two right near the end. Beyond me. The girl sitting next to my wife cried quietly through most of the film.


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