Tom Waits and John Lurie Go Fishing in Jamaica

(From the cult 1991 TV series Fishing with John)

5 thoughts on “Tom Waits and John Lurie Go Fishing in Jamaica”

  1. The web is indeed world wide. I checked further into John Lurie’s life because he seems to be such a loopy good old boy. Alas, his life turned tragic indeed. After catching a parasitical disease (some form of Lyme’s), while it was raising neurological havoc with his body and his mind, he was parasitized by vampires, species taddusfriendless and johannespurilus. See the New Yorker article 2010/08 video/John Lurie and read the comments. Fi on those two creeps.

    John Lurie seems to be a great human being and artist. I watch his fishing program with Dennis Hopper. That should be a gas.


  2. @ccllyyddee john lurie is a great human being and artist. that you were left with that feeling despite having read tad friend’s version of the truth in the new yorker article is a miracle. i have been following the story as well, and have discovered many more articles and interviews which paint a much more accurate, and fair picture of him. this one is a brilliant rebuttal to the new yorker piece

    and his version of his life, in his own words

    john lurie has been a real, human and good hearted man while creating the kind of magical moments that stay with people, and bring them joy for years. and he’s still doing it, with his bizarre sense of humor intact despite it all.


  3. Maybe John Lurie could do another ‘fishing with…’ program. He could take along his sax and charm the fish into biting. I have seen some fishing programs that had great dialog and philosophical discussions with interesting people. Dennis Hopper was being his inconsistent self, and John is so laid back that he didn’t try to draw him out in the 1st session. I could not find the 2nd or 3rd sessions to find out if anything was revealed. I would like to view John’s interaction with other masculine personalities, such as Jack Nicholson or Marty Scorcese. I bet they would be a trip.

    I formed my opinion of the two vampires from all the comments on the NY’er video page and subsequent click throughs showing Lurie’s works. The barkeep in his neighborhood said it right.

    Perry’s work is banal, trite and derivative. Manhattan attracts some real weirdo sadistic perverts.


  4. […] In addition to the Waits episode, you can watch the Jim Jarmusch segment online or own the entire series (six episodes, 147 minutes) on the Criterion Collection DVD, which includes commentary by Lurie. And to learn about Lurie’s strange disappearing act since the series was made–his struggle with the neurological effects of Lyme disease, his hiding out to avoid an alleged stalker–be sure to read Friend’s interesting New Yorker piece. H/T Biblioklept […]


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