I’d Still Love to Get That Hobbit / Harry Potter / Bunkbed Slash Fanfic Mashup, Bro

11 thoughts on “I’d Still Love to Get That Hobbit / Harry Potter / Bunkbed Slash Fanfic Mashup, Bro”

  1. I don’t find a real need for a crossover with HP. I think you were on the right track with the Ent idea. Samwise and Frodo share a bunkbed, and Sam spends his nights pining for Frodo. Soon, however, he begins to hear whispers, and after sleepless nights, he gives in to the whispers, listens close, talks back, discovering that the bunkbed was made from a murdered Ent. The ghost lives on in the fibers of the wood and tells Sam his story. His story of a deep, hidden love for the loyal Ent who served him. A love which he never acted on and which the loyal servant must still believe to have been unrequited. Sam sets off on his own to find this Ent, and to develop a new love with him.


          1. The package is in the mail. Little do you know how much of a steal this is. I’m from an Irish Catholic family — the only pictures we have of our uncles are of us drinking.


  2. I fell like this is exposing a dark side of Writing in the Age of The Internet or something. A seedy underbelly that no one wants to acknowledge, some kind of unintended consequence to the shrinking global community. I am so confused by this guy and what his was trying to accomplish with this whole thing. Is there some kind of new Nigerian Short Fiction Scam that I am unaware of?


    1. No, no . . . hardly so sinister. I get emails like this all the time. Dude just wanted to place a link here, based on some dubious marketing info or something. I don’t even know if he knew what he was supposedly agreeing to write—I’m sure he had a prepackaged “lifestyle” article ready to cut and paste.

      I might have had a glass or three of red wine when I replied. Just something about bunkbeds cracked me up.


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