List with No Name #25

  1. Barry Lyndon
  2. Paths of Glory
  3. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  4. Dr. Strangelove
  5. The Shining
  6. A Clockwork Orange
  7. Eyes Wide Shut
  8. Spartacus
  9. Full Metal Jacket
  10. Lolita




8 thoughts on “List with No Name #25”

  1. I. Eyes Wide Shut
    II. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    III. The Shining
    IV. Barry Lyndon
    V. Full Metal Jacket
    VI. Paths of Glory
    VII. A Clockwork Orange
    VIII. Dr. Strangelove
    IX. The Killing
    X. Killer’s Kiss


  2. I’m fine with anyone who puts Barry Lyndon at the top of a list of Kubrick’s best films. A very argument can be made.


  3. 1. The Killing
    2. Dr. Strangelove
    3. The Shining
    4. Barry Lyndon
    5. Paths of Glory
    6. Full Metal Jacket
    7. Spartacus
    8. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    9. Lolita
    10. A Clockwork Orange


  4. of the ones on there I agree with clockwork and full metal. the shining is a film I’ve seen 4 times and for some reason or other never watched the whole thing. it needs to be rectified.


  5. Ah, man, I love listing my favorite movies: (10 and 10 limited, respectively: 1) since I was born and 2) before I was born–i.e., up to 91)
    I. Uncle Boonmee who can Recall his Past Lives (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2010)
    II. Mulholland Drive (David Lynch, 2001) and Inland Empire (2006)
    III. Eyes Wide Shut (Kubrick, 1999)
    IV. Punch Drunk Love (Anderson, 2002)
    V. Dead Man (Jarmusch, 1995)
    VI. Cache (Haneke, 2005) and Code Unknown (2000)
    VII. Werckmeister Harmonies (Bela Tarr, 2000) and Satantango (1994)
    VIII. Three Colors Trilogy: Blue (Kieslowski, 1993)
    IX. Through the Olive Trees (Kiarostami, 1994)
    X. Barton Fink (Coen Brothers, 1991) and Naked Lunch (Cronenberg, 1991) (best double feature I’ve ever seen; I’ve decided they belong together)

    I. M (Fritz Lang, 1931)
    II. Vampyr (Carl Theodor Dreyer, 1932) and Day of Wrath (1943)
    III. Our Hospitality (Buster Keaton, 1923)
    IV. Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958) and Rear Window (1954)
    V. Close Up (Kiarostami, 1990)
    VI. The Dead (Huston, 1987)
    VII. Images (Altman, 1972) and Nashville (1975)
    VIII. Floating Weeds (Ozu, 1959)
    IX. The Quiet Man (Ford, 1952)
    X. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick, 1968)

    Ah, man!, and then there’s music: (same fashion)

    I. Kid A (Radiohead, 2000)
    II. Loveless (My Bloody Valentine, 1991)
    III. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Kanye West, 2010)
    IV. Slanted and Enchanted (Pavement, 1992) and Wowee Zowee (1995)
    V. Ys (Joanna Newsom, 2004) and Have One on Me (2010)
    VI. In Utero (Nirvana, 1993)
    VII. Out of Time (R.E.M., 1991)
    VIII. Enter Wu Tang (36 Chambers) (Wu Tang Clan, 1993)
    IX. Let England Shake (PJ Harvey, 2011) and Dry (1992) and Rid of Me (1993) and Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea (2000)
    X. The Moon and Antarctica (Modest Mouse, 2000)

    I. Murmur (R.E.M., 1983)
    II. Abbey Road (The Beatles, 1969)
    III. Daydream Nation (Sonic Youth, 1988)
    IV. Fear of Music (Talking Heads, 1979)
    V. Meddle (Pink Floyd, 1971)
    VI. Low (David Bowie, 1977)
    VII. Isn’t Anything (My Bloody Valentine, 1988)
    VIII. Closer (Joy Division, 1980) and Unknown Pleasures (1979)
    IX. It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back (Public Enemy, 1988)
    X. The Queen is Dead (The Smiths, 1989)
    (and, yet, I cringe leaving out the Pixies)

    Books are too hard but I absolutely love: (in no order)

    Light in August (Faulkner)
    Malloy and Waiting for Godot (Beckett)
    The Things They Carried (O’Brien)
    Disgrace (Coetzee)


  6. Not a Favorites kind of guy, but these names surface into my conscious from time to time:

    King of Hearts,
    Fellini, anything he ever filmed
    The Leopard or most films by Count Luchino Visconti, see
    Jules et Jim
    Robert Altman
    A River Runs Through It
    What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
    would like to melt down all copies of Meet Joe Black and cast them into the fiery pit
    Pier Paolo Pasolini
    Buster Keaton
    de Sica
    Long Day’s Journey Into Night
    any thing Marlon Brando made where he gets peed on


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