List with No Name #26

  1. Spirited Away
  2. Ponyo
  3. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
  4. My Neighbor Totoro
  5. Howl’s Moving Castle
  6. Kiki’s Delivery Service
  7. Porco Rosso
  8. Princess Mononoke
  9. Castle in the Sky

7 thoughts on “List with No Name #26”

  1. I left Cagliostro and Panda Kopanda off the list simply because they don’t fit the particular rubric I was working from when ranking the Miyazaki oeuvre: they are not mature works and don’t really even initiate the style that he eventually masters. I would hate to have to stick them at the bottom of the list, because they’re very good—they’re just not in the same league.
    I actually think he remakes Panda Kopanda with Totoro and Ponyo—like it’s a practice run for those films (his two most-perfect films, I’d argue).
    If my daughter made this list, Ponyo would be at the top, then Totoro, and then Panda Kopanda.


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