List with No Name #28

  1. Carlos Castaneda
  2. Tom Robbins
  3. Paulo Coelho
  4. John Irving
  5. Tom Wolfe
  6. Bret Easton Ellis
  7. James McInerney
  8. Mark Leyner
  9. Miranda July
  10. Tao Lin

10 thoughts on “List with No Name #28”

  1. See, for me, this list would the list I would come up with if I ever decided to come up with a list of the authors I hate the most. I’m assuming that’s not what this list is, though.


    1. Hate implies passion. I’m not sure if any of them are overrated. Maybe: “I tried.” And for sure, “Irritating.”

      Maybe: “Authors who might be timely but will never be timeless.”


  2. I think Griel Marcus’ infamous open line for his review of Bob Dylan’s Self-Portrait could be applied to every single thing Tom Robbins has ever written: “What is this shit?”


    1. He was the first writer I remember reading where I almost instantly disliked the style, the voices, the characters. I read him the same summer I read Vonnegut and HST and Wolfe for the first time.


  3. Which Wolfe? I adored Look Homeward, Angel, in 1oth grade, but have never really gone back to it. I’m guessing you mean the other one. I gather “Loveless” might be on a list with no name, but how about “Urban Hymns” or “Kid A?”
    I have to admit a certain love for Carlos Castaneda — dare I say some of his insights into the nature of reality are “right on?”


    1. Loveless would be on a list of albums I listened to too much in high school and college and now have too many emotional associations to actually enjoy (along with Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain and a handful of others). Kid A would be on a list of albums everyone loves but me. Urban Hymns would be on a list of albums I’ve only heard the hit single from.


  4. I tried to read Bonfire of the Vanities while living in NYC. Got about a chapter in before I tossed it. Managed to read half of American Psycho. I thought it was ok but by half way through it didn’t really seem to be moving forward so I tossed it. I actually liked the film.


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