List with No Name #29

  1. V., mostly on a beach in Ko Lanta.
  2. The Road, in the maternity ward after my daughter was born.
  3. Infinite Jest, late at night after I first moved to Tokyo. And then lugging it onto the train.
  4. Un Bel Morir, in the emergency room all night, my mother’s fever so high.
  5. As I Lay Dying, another hospital.
  6. 2666. On a plane leaving San Francisco. And then compulsively every night for a month.
  7. Angels, on a Florida beach.
  8. Cat’s Cradle, on a houseboat, on a river.
  9. The Once and Future King, in the back of a rented car that was zooming across the South Island of NZ, my parents repeatedly imploring me to just look up please.
  10.  Ulysses, on the old gold velour couch I sometimes still miss, on my roommate’s Ritalin, comprehending next to nothing. And then a decade later, with real joy.

3 thoughts on “List with No Name #29”

    1. I have no hurricane reading memories, mostly, I guess, because I have done lots and lots of drinking during the last serious swipes we had up here in The North Florida. In 2005, for example, without power for days—and without kids at that point—I didn’t go to work (canceled), ate at a cafe down the street, and drank from wake-up to black out. Played cards and acoustic guitar. But no reading…


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