It was an icy day.

Pierre Pinoncelli damaged two of the eight copies of Fountain by Marcel Duchamp with a hammer.

The attacks were separated by 13 years: The latest on January 4, 2006 at Centre Pompidou in Paris.

And in Nîmes in 1993.

Where he also urinated into it before using the hammer.

Accordingly, in our Mongolian age all change has been only reformatory or ameliorative, not destructive or consuming and annihilating.

The substance, the object, remains.

All our assiduity was only the activity of ants and the hopping of fleas, jugglers’ tricks on the immovable tight-rope of the objective, corvée -service under the leadership of the unchangeable or “eternal.”

I have seen

The old gods go

And the new gods come.

The Stone Breakers (FrenchLes Casseurs de pierres) was an 1849–50 painting by the French painter Gustave Courbet.

It was a work of social realism, depicting two peasants, a young man and an old man, breaking rocks.

The painting was first exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1850. It was destroyed during World War II, along with 154 other pictures, when a transport vehicle moving the pictures to the castle of Königstein, near Dresden, was bombed by Allied forces in February 1945.

Day by day

And year by year

The idols fall

And the idols rise.

Damage then recovery, damage then recovery.

We buried the cat,

then took her box

and set fire to it

in the back yard.

Even to his death, Duchamp retained a sense of humor.

The evening of 1 October 1968 had been a pleasant one, dinning at home with his friends Man Ray and Robert Lebel. Shortly after his guests had left, it happened suddenly and peacefully. Just before retiring at 1:05 A.M. his heart simply stopped beating.

Those fleas that escaped

earth and fire

died by the cold.

Courbet died, age 58, in La Tour-de-Peilz,Switzerland, of a liver disease aggravated by heavy drinking.

But he hammered his poor heart to death, Lord, Lord,
    He hammered his poor heart to death.

“D’ailleurs, c’est toujours les autres qui meurent;” or “Besides, it’s always the others who die”.


I worship the hammer.