List with No Name #34

  1. Atwood
  2. Borges
  3. Calvino
  4. Dickinson
  5. Emerson
  6. Faulkner
  7. Gombrowicz
  8. Hawthorne
  9. Ibsen
  10. Joyce
  11. Kafka
  12. Lish
  13. Melville
  14. Nin
  15. O’Brien
  16. Poe
  17. Queneau
  18. Roth
  19. Sebald
  20. Twain
  21. Updike
  22. Vonnegut
  23. Walser
  24. Xenophon
  25. Yeats
  26. Zola

6 thoughts on “List with No Name #34”

      1. It went from A to Z, so that was a pretty good guess.
        I liked the commenter who saw it as a recognition puzzle.
        I like the lists and puzzle over whether there is a pattern other than the obvious ones.


  1. Just goes to prove that there is a lot more to the alphabet than what greets the eye. I like the associations invoked by the names.


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